Via Announces On-Demand Microtransit in Manor and Austin with Cap Metro

Via, the world’s leading provider and developer of on-demand public mobility solutions, today announced a new microtransit deployment in partnership with Cap Metro, a leading Austin public transit provider. Called Pickup, the new on-demand shared transit network brings door-to-door transportation to the Manor area, and four other Austin neighborhoods later this year.

The new service replaces the MetroBus Route 470 servicing Cap Metro’s Manor Park & Ride, Walmart, City Hall and several additional neighborhoods both in and out of the city limits. Pickup will come to Austin later this year and will serve the four areas included in the MetroLink pilot program.

Using the Pickup app, riders will be able to hail a shuttle directly from their smartphone. Via’s advanced algorithms will enable multiple riders to seamlessly share the vehicle. The powerful technology will direct passengers to a nearby virtual bus stop, allowing for quick and efficient shared trips without lengthy detours, or inconvenient fixed routes and schedules.

Pickup is available weekdays between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Commuters can use the service by downloading the Pickup smartphone app powered by Via, available on iOS and Android. Those in the Manor service zone without access to the smartphone app can call 512-527-3222 to book a ride. A single ride costs $1.25, the same charge as a Single Ride pass used to take MetroBus and MetroRapid services. A Capital Metro Day Pass, 7-Day Pass or 31-Day Pass will cover a Pickup ride as well.

The new on-demand service comes after Via and Cap Metro piloted the Pickup service in 2017 and 2018 in Northeast Austin, including the Mueller and Windsor Park neighborhoods, testing the on-demand service’s functionality in the Austin metro area.

Via is a leading provider and developer of on-demand public mobility solutions, working with cities and transportation agencies around the world to connect more people to transit. Cooee Busways is among numerous other deployments powered by Via around the globe that make it easier for commuters who do not own a car, prefer not to drive and park, or live within a long distance of a transit hub.

Via has been tapped by cities and transportation players around the world to help re-engineer public transit from a regulated system of rigid routes and schedules to a fully dynamic, on-demand network. Via now has more than 70 launched and pending deployments in more than 15 countries. To learn more about Via.

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