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    Why Became A iRYDE Driver?

    iRYDE matches drivers with passengers who request rides through our smartphone app, and passengers pay automatically through app.

    Whether you’re trying to offset costs of your car, cover this month’s bills, or fund your dreams , iRyde will get you there. So, go ahead. Be your own boss.

    Earn more with iRYDE

    iRYDE Service Fee as low as 10%

    Keep all of your tips

    Start earning big in your first month!

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    iRYDE can help get you one, Luxury rental options at low price

    No contracts

    work in your own time

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    iRYDE riders are the best and know that Via is a shared service

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    iRYDE's technology means no detours and happy riders


    1. Drivers can keep 100% of the Fare 
    2. Drivers keep 100% of their tips
    3. Drivers get ranked for your rides and rewarded
    4.  Make money on your schedule
    5. Be your Own Boss
    6. Make A $1000 week

    Grab the Wheel and Earn $1,000 in Your First week, Guaranteed. Terms Apply. Drive With iRYDE and Make Money Giving People a Lift Around Town. Choose Your Own Schedule. Earn When You Want. Cash Out Daily. iRYDE sees their drivers as the HEART BEAT of their company.

    iRYDE is now accepting pre-registration for drivers

    Driver Ranking and Bonus

    • Starting Point (Gold Ryder) – Simply join at the Platinum Level with Rides
    • Platinum Ryder 500 – You will need your personal volume of 500 Rides to become a PR-500 Bonus $50 -$150
    • Platinum Ryder 1000 – You will need your personal volume of 1000 Rides to become a PR-1000 Bonus $100-$1000
    • Platinum Ryder 6000 – You will need your personal volume of 6000 Rides to become a PR-6000 Bonus $600- 6000 & you have option to get 100% of the fare.
    • Chairman Ryder 10000 – You will need your personal volume of 10000 Rides to become a CR-10 Bonus $1,000-$10,000
    • Chairman Ryder 15000 – You will need your personal volume of 15000 Rides to become a CR-15 Bonus $1,500- $15,000
    • Chairman Ryder 20000 – You will need your personal volume of 20,000 Rides to become a CR-20 Bonus $2,000-$20,000
    • CEO Chairman Ryder 30000 – You will need your personal volume of 30,000 Rides to become a CCR-30 Bonus $3,000-$30,000
    • CEO Chairman Ryder 50000 – You will need your personal volume of 50,000 Rides to become a CCR-50 Bonus $5,000-$50,000
    • CEO Chairman Ryder 100000 – You will need your personal volume of 100,000 Rides to become a CCR-100 Bonus $10,000-$100,000 & A NEW CAR

    iRYDE believes in treating its drivers better than any other rideshare company. They take lower commissions than other companies, and they also only accept former Uber and Lyft drivers who held a rating of at least 4.2 (out of 5) stars. Because of this, iRYDE tends to offer a higher level of service than the other companies

    Need A Car?

    No Problem!

    Vehicle Renting & Leasing Opportunities. IRYDE partners with jacksonville Florida leasing companies to get you the best deals.